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                     Puttin' water in its place since 1998

Thank you for your interest in Indy Drainage Solutions!

Assuming that you're here because something is NOT going well on your property (or it could be better), here's some of the ways we can help:

     - Erosion Control

     - Water Diversion

     - Ditch Drainage

     - Repair Cracked/Bowed Foundations

     - Fix Wet/Leaky Basements

     - French Drains

     - Silt Fence

     - Straw Blankets

     - Design/Build/Restore Retaining Walls

     - Terracing

     - Beehives

     - Leech Fields

     - Trenching

     - Catch Basins

     - Retention Ponds

     - Geotextile Fabrics

Want to know more ... call us at 317.308.0967    

Indy Drainage Solutions is a division of Sturgeon Stone & Landscape (Click on the image to be transferred to the website)
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Drainage issues?  We mean business!